hi. i’m panicking a little here.

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made a promise to myself that I would kick-start my new blog in the beginning of 2015, as part of my “New Year of Jo” resolution. Sadly, I didn’t, which explains why I’m writing to you in September. If you’re not familiar with my “blogging,” I started my first blog during college — aptly named “Jonotjoe’s Weblog” — and maintained it for a few solid years. Sadly, work life got in the way, then the lack of motivation set in, and the next thing you know, I hadn’t blogged for several years.

Now, I’ve mustered enough confidence to start writing again, but it’s without hesitation. I’ve asked myself so many questions these past months, including, “How do I make my blog different than before? Do I dare share personal details about my life? How far is too far? Who will actually read this?” Next came the usual doubting of myself and this entire blog (are you sensing a vicious cycle here?), and I kept going back and forth until I decided enough was enough … and ultimately made a life change (not what you were expecting, I know).

Ergo my bold move from New York City back to the suburbs of New Jersey (where I was born and raised), to start a new, wondrous adventure.  While I still live near a burgeoning city (oh hey, Philadelphia!), I have a lot of adjusting to do. Luckily, I have this creative space to dish about my new life, its trials and tribulations, and the adjustments I’m making along the way.

Hopefully, you’ll find this blog comforting and helpful (if you’re in the same boat as me!), or just downright entertaining (I can be funny sometimes, you know). So with that, here goes…